We can adapt or create characters and comic interludes to suit any theme.

Suggestions, past triumphs and possibilities...


The Vicarage Tea

The vicar of St Ivel’s invites you to a never to

be forgotten tea on the rectory lawn or in the

church hall, peopled with hilarious stereotypes

such as Smellors, the psychotic gardener and

Barbara Whittling-Stick the perennial Girl

Guide; and peppered with surreal interruptions

from the likes of The Blessed Nigella,

Patron Saint of Rum Babas.


Consternation Street

Frighteningly accurate spoof

of the classic TV soap in its

golden years. Three scripted

episodes are acted out, each

with a cliff hanger ending

and the obligatory ludicrous

dénouement. All hairnets,

milk stout and malicious

gossip, Ena, Minnie and

Elsie ride again!


Not so much condensed Shakespeare,

more a midsummer’s nightmare. Completely

bonkers characters with a bardic bent to

animate your Tudor banquet. Ever heard King

Lear read the shipping forecast or had a

cookery demo featuring Ophelia? Culminates

in a truly comical-tragical presentation of

Pyramus and Thisbe by Shakespeare’s

mechanicals as never seen before!

Lady Margaret and retinue:

A grand dowager and patron of the arts. Along with her decrepit housekeeper, ancient butler, (and these days her pushy PR lady) she will grace any occasion, present awards, declare anything open (or indeed closed). Lady Margaret famously led the Queen's Jubilee procession along The Mall, conducted a private audience with the President of Costa Rica, had her own series on BBC Radio 4 and recently hosted the retirement celebrations for Don Foster MP.

As well as carrying out her stately duties, her ladyship is also available to present her famous dog show, an anarchy-fuelled participatory event suitable for fetes, festivals and community events.

Other endless possibilities:

Upstairs Downstairs meets Downturn Abbey

Greek Tragedy

Roman Revels

A Dickensian mash-up: Scrooge meets Pickwick meets Oliver Twist meets Magwitch

Or indeed, anything you might wish to suggest!