Case Study


Amuse Bouche was commissioned to create Shakespearean diversions between courses and even to help serve some of the authentic food in character.

A country rustic and his faithful sheepdog greeted guests on arrival from the steps of a gypsy caravan that happened to be parked on the lawn. Shakespearian ‘downstairs’ characters started the evening off with an updated ribald ditty accompanied by a lute player. As the evening progressed a series of mock-Shakespearean characters mingled with the seated guests:

  1. A short-sighted Bottom complete with asses head.

  1. A fruity housekeeper trying to make assignations with any gentleman up for it.

  1. Ophelia with a touch of the Delia raving about rhubarb.

  1. A ludicrous speech from a cod bardic duke.

  1. The famous storm speech from Lear delivered by the mad old king himself in the form of the shipping forecast, complete with wind machine and climatic percussion supplied by the assembled cast.

• Finally, a comic rendition of the Tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe with much willing audience participation.

Event: A Tudor banquet in a Sussex barn.